Wetland Boot Camp.com Professional Wetland Training
Wetland Boot Camp.comProfessional Wetland Training

"BOOT CAMPs" (3-Day, 24-PDHs)

“Wetland Boot Camps” (3-Day, 24-PDHs) Earn your "Wetland Certificate" in just 3-days!  Is perfect for anyone that wants to become a “wetland delineator” and perform the field work; tying the flagging, collecting the data, writing the reports, and applying for permits.  Perfect for Engineers, Surveyors, Managers, Project Managers, Landscape Architects, Geologists, Educators, Developers, Painters, Accountants, etc. 

Includes your "Wetland Training Certificate"

(24-hrs of con-ed credits for PEs, PLSs, PGs, etc.)